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Thank you for your leadership and ministry. You are a valuable asset and I want to honor you. I wrote this series of posts to encourage you and give insights into how to improve your leadership, ministry and personal/team development. Often we get into ruts, repeating the same duties and tasks while hoping for different results. Think of this series as a way to broaden your thinking with some “what if” questions. As a pastor’s wife and leader, I’ve both seen poor leadership and been the one responsible in said poor leadership. The sorrow over my lack caused me to try harder and study effective leadership. In these posts I’ll steer you away from my mistakes and share some tips on leadership development, teaching and ministry.

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and topics you’d like for me to consider in the comments below!

Begin changing the world one tidbit at a time with these posts of challenge and inspiration:

  1. Should I STAY? Or Should I GO??
  2. How to be Part of the Inner Circle: Partners in Prayer
  3. Twittering Ministry!
  4. 7 Tips for Women to Help in the Ministry
  5. The S.O.S. of Wise Leadership
  6. 12 Leadership Checks for Making a Kingdom Difference
  7. The Creative Need in Leadership
  8. Successful Life and Leadership
  9. Stepping into Success
  10. Social Networks & Kingdom Influence
  11. 10 Life and Leadership Principles from Steve Jobs
  12. Two Life-Changing Tools for Spiritual Growth
  13. Spoof NLALV New Living Amplified Leadership Version
  14. 3 problems of Christian Leadership (who me, use me, love me)
  15. Who me leadership
  16. Use me Leadership
  17. Love Me Leadership
  18. 5 Practices to lead with love
  19. choosing a speaking topic
  20. how to write a speech outline
  21. continued . . .

As always, if you have a topic or suggestion you would like to discuss please contact me here or make a comment on this post!

These are the posts for the Insights into Ministry & Leadership Series. Check out the other Blog Series! If you’re a minister’s wife or a woman in the ministry you may like Minister Wives Fellowship and Support Series. Click on over and let me know what you think!

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