3 Steps to Make Better Decisions and Decide What’s Right for You

And Your Ministry Business Life

A million choices stare us in the face everyday, whether it’s to order a cheese burger with tots or a chicken & kale quinoa bowl, or deciding whether to make a bold move in our career or relationships. We all have many decisions to make.

Make Better Decisions

Too Many Choices to Decide

Big choices. Little choices. Lots of insignificant choices. All of which pile up to make a mountain range of decisions by the time we die and dirt is thrown over us with some nice words. And all those choices shape us somewhat into who we are and who we are becoming.

So how do you know you’re making the right decisions? How do you know what’s right for you? And help me out, what’s your decision making process?

Some really struggle with making clear decisions. Ever rode in a car with a group of hungry people none of which can decide where they would like to stop and eat? (Picture my family here. No kidding, like vultures saying to each other, “Whatcha want to do?” “I don’t know, whatcha want to do?”) Not being able to make decisions can be frustrating.

Now Don’t Start That Again

The Jungle Book vulture’s right. There are better ways to make decisions. I’m not a professional decision maker and my husband might would tell you I’m the worst. Why I can have that same car conversation with no one else in the car but me. But I’m trying to make better decisions and here’s a few tips that I tell myself:

  1. Stop Surveying Others. You don’t need social proof to make a decision. Simply put, you don’t have to have everybody sign off on what you should do, where you should live, what job you should take, what color to wear, which jeans to buy, or any other decision that’s yours to make. It’s yours. So don’t be a survey junkie. That’s just another way of procrastinating. And you’ll also have to realize that you can’t pass the buck or blame anyone else for your decisions. They’re yours. So take responsibility and move on.
  2. Decide Already. Here’s the kicker: you already make decisions. Everyday. You decide to wake up. You decide to eat. You decide to hang with friends. You decide to work. So stop putting your decisions off and make them already. Once you begin exercising your decision maker, you’ll gain more confidence in your decision making ability. Here’s a tip: examine all the decisions you already make. See. You’re a decision maker. So confidently make those decisions and you’ll become better at it.
  3. Check with The Helper. Don’t try to find all your counsel outside of yourself. In order to find what’s right for you, you have to check with the helper inside of you. Everyone has a conscience that knows intuitively how to guide in our choices. And additionally, since you are a believer in Jesus your conscience is redeemed which then works together with the Spirit of God to lead in knowing what you are to do and how to make wise choices. So pray. Seek for, and listen to, that still small voice of God in the inner self that is your helper. (If you don’t have a redeemed conscience and want one to make your life more meaningful, make that known in the comments and I promise to personally contact you.)

There you go. A few tips to help you make decisions faster and with more confidence. So when hunger wins in the car of life, you won’t have to devour the seat cushions due to lack of decision making. Not making decisions is often making bad decisions.

No matter what you’re working on at the moment, every decision, big or small, that you make on a daily basis really makes a difference. They matter. Any one of them can forever change your life.

Question: Are a strong decision maker or have learned to make good decisions? Any tips or strategy you use that you could share? Which statement will strengthen your decision making ability? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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