A Spiritual Journey’s Gentle Nudges

Spiritual Worshipphoto by www.christianphotos.net

These posts are confessions of God’s gentle nudges along on my spiritual journey. Sometimes the nudges are more like a kick in the pants, nevertheless, I got the message and back on track. Laced throughout are truths that helped me and hopefully will give you insight into your own spiritual journey. If nothing else, you can laugh at this preacher’s wife and her zaniness which is a daily occasion.

If you are a minister’s wife. I created a special series with you in mind over at Minister’s Wives Fellowship and Support. Click on over there and check it out!

Here are some of the blog post topics you’re waiting for:

  1. 3 Steps to an Incredible Journey with God
  2. Mismanaging Self Is Wicked
  3. Spiritual Life (PART 1): Perfect Knowledge Unnecessary
  4. Spiritual Life (Part 2) Experiencing God Gives Hope
  5. Spiritual Life (Part 3): How to Experience God
  6. Why Following God in Living Relationship is NOT for the Faint-Hearted
  7. Stay Thirsty, Share Hope: A Simple Way to Do Good
  8. Nothing on Purpose: Learning To Be God’s
  9. Two Life-Changing Tools for Spiritual Growth
  10. continued . . .

Blessings galore! I hope these posts encourage you on your spiritual journey to find God faithful and true as well as some practical tips to help you along your way.

If you’re moving forward and finding people looking to you for guidance and direction in life you might be interested in the series Insights into Ministry & Leadership Series and Living and Working on Mission Series. Also if you’re a minister’s wife or a woman in the ministry you may like Minister Wives Fellowship and Support Series. Check out the table of contents for all the Blog Series and let me know what you think!

As always, if you have a topic or suggestion you would like to discuss please contact me here or make a comment on this post!

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