7 Tips for Women to Help in the Ministry

Unpacking the Pastor’s Workload: 7 Tips for Women to Help Out

All hands on deck! The job is big and the pastor can’t do it alone. Women can help unpack the pastor’s workload and make a powerful impact in the lives of those in the community and the church. As I mentioned in the previous post, Partnership with Pastors, I have a desire to help the ministries of the church be effective in their mission. The following is part two of that post and lists seven tips for women ministering to women. Ladies, you can do this.


Partnership with Pastors, Unpacking Their Workload: 7 Tips for Women Ministering to Women *

  1. Realize you have something to offer. A listening ear. Wise counsel. Party planning. Training expertise. Organizational skills. Bake and Take friendship talent. You can always offer relationship to women who need relationships.
  2. Pray for a discovery of where you can help both in the community and in the church.
  3. Look for opportunities to serve women by determining their needs
  4. Communicate your availability and interest in helping your pastor reach the women of the church and community. Be sure to express your intentions of strengthening the church and families.
  5. Ask the leadership, pastor, or women’s ministry leader, what needs they see and how your skills and talents can help meet those needs.
  6. Learn the skills necessary to become more useable. Be teachable and always adapting to changes.
  7. Believe that God can use you to make a difference in the lives of others. No task is too small to make an impact, nor too big for you to do your part.

You can make a difference. With so many needs in our communities and churches, you have a great opportunity to assist life change by joining others and partnering with pastors.

* photo from www.jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu.

Please contribute your comment below. I’d love to know about your interest in ministry and leadership.

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4 thoughts on “7 Tips for Women to Help in the Ministry

  1. Secret Admirer says:

    May I add, “Be willing to say “no” to the wrong opportunities”. Don’t agree to do it just because it needs doing. Live in the Spirit and be led to do the things He wants.

    I love you Wifey; you sho are smart!

  2. Becky Hernandez says:

    Thanks Robin….I needed to hear and be confirmed with that reminder from your “secret admirer” also. As per our phone conversatin, I covet your prayers today.

    Love ya,


  3. I’m praying, Becky. May God give you focus and direction on his mission, may you find joy, peace, and blessings in your service to God.

    My honey is the best. Smart too.

    Loving powerfully.