Momma Mia! GraceMark Girl Style

 Momma Mia! GraceMark Girl Style

I laughed so hard my face muscles hurt and my stomach felt like I had done three sets of 25 sit-ups. Oh my goodness, what a great time we had. The GraceMark Girls even let me pose with them in a picture.


I’ve been told I must, but I haven’t seen Momma Mia!, the movie. After this past weekend’s lip-sync/karaoke version, I’m trying to work it into my schedule. The “girls” from GraceMark and community and I had gathered together at a retreat for inspiration, encouragement and seeking God. We were challenged to believe God, trust his love, and pursue our God-given dreams in spite of the difficulties and fears. God is faithful and he will accomplish all he set out to do in and through us. We got more than we went for. God brought one from amongst them into his saving grace and personal relationship with himself. We all rejoiced over this one coming into the kingdom. Pray with me for these sisters and friends, for God to continue to work in them.





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2 thoughts on “Momma Mia! GraceMark Girl Style

  1. hey robin, your speech at the women’s retreat was like based on me. i am going through a lot so please keep me and my son in your prayers.

  2. Please, God, help Sarah believe you and continue to seek you with all her being. Give her direction, hope, and love, a peace that can only be described as from you. May her son grow to know you and serve you with all his heart. Protect and guide Sarah and her son as they are drawn to you.

    Sarah, I believe in God in you. Keep up the good you know to be doing and trust God with all you have no control over. God is faithful even though we aren’t.