Minister Wives Fellowship and Support

Welcome to this more intimate series of posts that are meant to be a “we’re-in-this-together” kind of thing. I’ll write these posts to both challenge and honor us as the leaders we’re called to be. We’ve felt the essential need to connect with someone who understands the ministry and gets us. I’m a preacher’s wife and I have a desire to help minister’s wives find a safe place to to be heard and receive ministry. I’ll provide helps, a few opinions and lots of confessions in the struggle to be a pastor’s wife. My intention is to build a support system for you, the special servants of God, that often feel isolated and overlooked.

Future Minister Wives
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Together, Facing the World

This post will serve as a table of contents for this series.

As always, please leave your thoughts, suggestions, and things you’d love for me to consider covering in the comments!

Can’t wait to get started. The following are the ideas to come and posts:

  1. How to Embarrassingly Prepare Cross-culturally in One Sunday Morning
  2. One Essential Way for a Pastor’s Wife to Deal with Anger
  3. post on being real for minister’s and minister’s wives from a children’s book
  4. continued . . .

As always, if you have a topic or suggestion you would like to discuss please contact me here or make a comment on this post!

This is the Minister Wives Fellowship and Support Series. If you liked it, you might enjoy the Insights into Ministry & Leadership Series, the Spiritual Journey’s Gentle Nudges Series and the Living and Working on Mission Series. Click over to the table of contents for all the Blog Series.

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2 thoughts on “Minister Wives Fellowship and Support

  1. Ashley Smith says:

    I really like your blog/posts. Please check out this article ===> Ministers Wives Open-Up About Working

  2. Hello, Ashley. Thanks the insightful article about minister wives working to help make ends meet.