9 Gift Christmas List and a Seussical Solution

Tis the season to be stressed, depressed and obsessed.

Sometimes when I doodle, words come very Seussical. It’s loads of fun writing; hope it’s as much fun reading.


(The Dr. Seuss Christmas trees picture is courtesy of I am only 1 woman blog and she has instructions to create this kid-friendly craft. Check it out!)

Seussical Christmas Solution

What gift will we bring?

How will we pay for the thing?

Who will we see, or not see, at the fling?

Christmas is stressful.

And at times very depressful. (Tweet that if you want.)

We miss those we love,

because of distance

or living above,

Or relationships turn sour

‘till happiness isn’t ours,

Or schedules are too busy

to sit back, and take Christmas easy.

But when we do—

take time for reflection,

we find this season is for being . . . well, Christian. (Tweet it)

Giving the gift that cost us most,

The gift of love from coast to coast,

Taking our gift to the unlikely, or unlovable, host.

Say goodbye to the mall,

the stress,

the sadness

And say hello to all,

the goodness,

the fullness,

The Christmas.

That’s my Seussical Christmas solution. Should it be a book in production? Well, here you have it for free. My gift to you for eternity. I really have got to stop this. Instead, I’ll show you my Christmas list.

My Grown-up Christmas List

I want these for myself, for you and everyone else.

  1. Peace
  2. Thankfulness
  3. Rest
  4. Health
  5. Good relationships
  6. Opportunities
  7. Reflection
  8. Renewed thoughts
  9. Passion for God

What would you add? What do you want on your grown-up list? For yourself? For others?

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