One Way to Move from the Chair to Uganda

From My Chair to Uganda

I sat in church one Sunday morning, totally moved with compassion and possibility. God began calling me to Uganda.

Mission, Ugadan Orphans
Orphans in Uganda photo by Elpis Ministries

In getting ready for Ugandan orphanage trip, I learned I’m a wimp! I have to get shots! Part of the preparation also includes packing a trunk of needs to be left with the orphans, and writing the discipleship material our team will be using to train the orphans. My husband and I will be in Iganga, Uganda at the Elpis Ministries orphanage from July 30th until August 11th training the older orphans. I want to teach them to live in God’s power and not repeat their social norm that put them on the street in the first place. My hope is that they can make a difference in their culture.

Your Opportunity

Because of God’s work in me, I would like to offer you an opportunity to also bless the orphans of Uganda.

  • Become a partner in prayer for this mission, the team and the preparation. Please join the list of those who pray for us. I know I could use it.
  • Support us with your interest. I will provide up-to-date reports, pictures and interact with you, your children and co-workers while I’m there. Think of this as your eyes on the ground to learn about culture, people and all kinds of other interesting tidbits. I can make this as interactive and creative as possible. Maybe even introduce you to a child that God breaks you heart for and that you can sponsor for as little as $10 a week. These reports can be followed from my Living and Working on Mission Blog Series and your curiosities and questions can be posted in the comments. I will respond.
  • Donate your dinner or something you value. If you would like to help support this mission, you can donate and find out more about Elpis Ministries here. Donations cover school supplies, underwear, beds, food, school uniforms, sewing machines, welding machines as well as travel expenses. Please support making a difference in Uganda. And pass this opportunity to other interested groups and individuals. If you want more personal information, please contact me here.

How do you see yourself being involved with God’s mission? Would you be willing to join a mission team?

Please contribute your comment below. I’d love to know about your interest in living and working on mission.

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One thought on “One Way to Move from the Chair to Uganda

  1. Twenty bucks buys a trunk we can fill (shipping is covered), and if you live close I can take socks, underwear, plain bic pens of blue/black/red ink and soccer balls. The kids love soccer balls!!

    Contact me soon. I’m packing.